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Tom Yum Fuck

 Gay nightlife in Bangkok is a myriad of neon lights, alcohol, prostitutes, dancing and of course the most attractive Asian boys in the world.  You can see them, standing on the corners, selling sex DVD’s as they grab your hand in hopes for your heart (or in some cases, your wallet).  Sometimes out of nowhere they will just grab you and start kissing you, at least if you are a somewhat handsome looking foreign man. 

When I first came to Bangkok, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  Being that I was a young, somewhat cute Caucasian meant that I could have any boy I wanted at the local Discotheque, and my nights were usually filled with hot dancing and even hotter sex once the music stopped and we took a taxi back to my sky rise apartment. 

As I gained more experience within the Thai gay scene, I thought I learned pretty well who were the ‘moneyboys’ and who were the ‘real’ guys.  I was cute and young, so no reason to pay for sex, right?  Most of the ‘moneyboys’ wore really tight clothes and were easy to spot anyway.  Although some of them were cute, I didn’t want to waste my time on guys who were only after my wallet.

Then one day I met Kapi.  I was walking through the club with a drink in my hand when we looked in each other’s eyes; he was stunning.  He had a gorgeous smile with big brown eyes and a perfectly fit little body and fuckable ass.  We instantly started kissing and his full lips were sensuous as I licked and made love to them.  He reached his hand down my pants, pushed me against a wall and started stroking my cock right in the club!  I guess this Thai boy didn’t care much for being discreet.

He didn’t speak much English, but I didn’t really mind because I was so horny for him.  I just took him to my hotel, we stripped naked and I started to blow his hard cock. I didn’t waste anytime. It was uncut, juicy and hard as rock.  He just sat there, as I slowly sucked up and down his shaft.  Then he took out a knife…

He put the knife to the back of my neck and forced me to suck his cock deeper.  I didn’t realize his cock was so big and I started to gag as he fucked my mouth harder.  I didn’t know whether to be scared for my life or enjoy this wild new sexual adventure.  He used his knife to undo my pants, and smiled.  The knife glistened as he slowly cut my pants open, and than traced his knife in an outline around my hard cock.  I wondered if he was actually Japanese (since the Japanese are usually more synonymous with kinky stuff)  as he unzipped my pants and started sucking my cock like a wild animal.  I had never seen anyone go down on my cock with such vigor; it was like he was a possessed, cock sucking demon!

He was still holding on to the knife though, and while I enjoyed the cock sucking I also yearned for safety and wanted to get the knife out of his hands.  I reached for the knife, but he caught the movement from the corner of his eye.  He swung his legs around and put me in a headlock.  I could feel his smooth, sexy legs holding my head tight as his hard cock dangled in front of my face.  He then sat on top of my cock and rubbed his ass on top of it while holding the knife to my neck. He started kissing me.  Our tongues locked together and I enjoyed the excitement and bliss of his wild kiss as I could feel the shiny metal pressing against my throat.    

He grabbed my boner and then sat his ass down on my cock, as I slid inside him.  I fucked him hard and fast, and he enjoyed my rock hard boner as he squeezed his asshole up and down the tube of my love muscle.  He had an amazing load of cum, and shot it all over me as I fucked him.  When I pulled out of his ass I shot my load on his sexy little belly.  He smiled.  I gave him a smile back and then went into the bed with him.  We pulled the covers over our head and slept to the noisy sounds of the traffic passing by the city below.

If you have eaten Thai food, you know that Thai’s like to mix together opposite spices; spicy and sour, sweet and sour, spicy and sweet…I found out this boy liked the excitement of sex and fear mixed together.  Is that the reason why I found sex with him especially hot?  The combination of two strong emotions, all joined together to create a new sensation?  All I know is that I did not easily forget this sex, even when I returned to the states.  Every time I ordered a bowl of Tom Yum Kai, I was reminded of the sexy Thai boy, and the most exciting sex I ever had.

A Lesson in Ass Shaving

I was a bit nervous visiting my ex boyfriend, but I was only in town for a week and figured it was best to try and remain friends with him.  I was trying to make it work with this new guy, a handsome Latin named Padre (I always fall for the ‘ethnic’ guys being a boring blonde white guy myself), but I knew it would be hard for me not to be tempted by my first love.  I met Yaki when I was only 19, and for 5 years we had the hottest fucking sex.  Unfortunately, we fought too much and I ended things when I found out he was fooling around with some black stud at his work.  He told me he just wanted to try a bigger dick, but that didn’t make me feel any better.

            I drove to his street, past all the colorful houses and tall swaying trees, and it looked as if nothing had changed in the 2 years since I’d seen him.  He had the same car, and there were still about 20 pairs of shoes on his front porch (this being an Asian house and all).  I parked my car, knocked on the door, and was greeted by his mother.  She pointed to the back bedroom, where I had spent the night hundreds of times in the years that we were together, and said ‘Yaki in there!’

            I walked in, and there he was, as gorgeous as the day I met him.  He really has these amazing looks, even if you aren’t into the whole ‘Asian’ guy thing; he is tall, thin, great smile, soft hair and an amazingly smooth body.  He gave me a hug, than sat at his desk. I walked over his piles of books and magazines on the floor and plopped myself down on his bed.  He still had the same posters of obscure Indy rock bands, a few gothic candles and gigantic CD collection.  I yawned and stretched while sitting on his bed, not realizing that my T-shirt had lifted up and my body was exposed.

            ‘Did you shave your body Matthew?’ he asked.

            ‘Yaki, well, you know I’ve always wished I had a body smooth like you.  You know your smooth little ass and sexy body has always turned me on.’  I realized this may not have been the wisest thing to say in this situation, if I was to stay faithful to Padre.  He got up off his chair, bent over in my face and pulled down his sweat pants. 

            ‘It’s still smooth and hairless for you. It’s a bitch to shave it though.  But I just bought this shaving lotion that’s really good.  Not only is my ass really smooth and tight now, it smells like mangoes.’  I tried to control my boner while staring at that sweet ass.  He pulled up his sweats and I could still smell the aroma of mangoes purifying the air.  I wanted to stick my cock up his ass so bad my balls hurt.  ‘I have a boyfriend’ I reminded myself, ‘I have to have control.’

            ‘So, did you shave everywhere?’ he asked, sitting next to me.


            ‘You know baby, your pubic hair is going to be a bitch to grow back.  Don’t you remember, when we were together I shaved it for you and you complained for weeks!’

            ‘Yeah, it was kind of stupid,’ I admitted.  ‘I was just bored and I thought it would make me feel sexier.’

            ‘Well, it is sexy.  I never shave my pubes though, just my ass crack.  Pubes are for trimming. You didn’t shave your balls too, did you?’

            I nodded my head.

            ‘Oh shit!  Now you are really in trouble.  Aren’t you itchy?’

            I nodded my head again.

            ‘That is a definite faux pas my dear Matthew.  I have some lotion I can spread on you to minimize your irritation.’  He walked to the bathroom to get some lotion as I tried to relax my cock.  The vision of that gorgeous smooth asshole of his was still lingering in my mind.  He came back in the room and told me to take off my clothes.  I followed his instructions as he stared at my lean, bare white body.

            ‘I hope you aren’t going to keep your pubes like that, you will get ingrown hairs.  Make sure you shave your balls really well next time, especially around the balls.  Stretch out the skin.  When I shave my crack, it feels prickly so depending on how I sit I get pricked a little.  It’s a weird sensation.  But anyway, shaving in there keeps it all real clean and nice.’

            I was now undressed, and there was no longer any way I could hide my erection as he began to spread lotion on me.  He started by spreading the lotion on my smooth, shaved body.  Then he worked his way down to my pubic area, which unfortunately felt like sand paper.  He then took my hard cock in his hand and inspected it.

            ‘Oh my God. Did you cut your cock too?’

            ‘Yeah, I accidentally cut the bottom of my shaft a little when I shaved.  It is a bit sore.’

            ‘Ugh.  You didn’t learn anything from me when we were together did you Matthew?  Don’t use slightly dull razors.  Use a lot of lubrication, a scabbed cock ain’t pretty.’  Yaki leaned down and kissed my dick.

            ‘I know, you are right.  I used to love watching you shave your asshole, I should have paid more attention to your technique though.’  He finished rubbing the lotion all over my back and ass, and then he stood up. He took off his shirt and sweats, exposing his smooth, toned body, and I watched as his hard cock bounced and then sprang up in the air.

            ‘You do look hot shaved you know,’ he told me, and then started spreading the lotion all over his body and ass.  He put his ass in my face again, spread his cheeks and began massaging his asshole.

            ‘You have the sweetest asshole I’ve ever tasted,’ I told him, as I gave it a lick. 

            ‘Thanks, and you’ve got a great tongue and an eager attitude.  Oh man, the first time you licked my ass I remember how fucking incredible it was.  It made me want to cum so bad.  I don’t even think you cared how long you ate me out, you just kept on going.’  He started sticking his finger up his asshole using the lotion as a lubricant.

            ‘Oh Yaki,’ I said, ‘let me lick that hot ass again.  I’m about to cum staring at it, watching you finger fuck that hole.’  He sat his ass right on my face, and I stuck my tongue as far as I could up his hole.  I could feel his cock harden as I licked.   He tightened his asshole muscles and it felt as if they were kissing my mouth and tongue.  Then he rubbed his smooth balls on my face and told me to bite them.  He started sucking on my cock and licking my precum as I licked his ass as hard and deep as I could.

            ‘I need to fuck your ass so bad,’ I told him.  He found a condom for me; I slipped it on my cock and then he spread his legs open wide.  I immediately shoved my sausage into his hot, juicy hole.  His ass really was nice and tight, and I fucked him hard.  As I fucked him, I stroked his raging boner and cum started spilling out of his beautiful uncut cock.  I took my cock out of his ass, slid off the condom and shot a massive cumshot.  I continued stroking and the cum just flew out of my cock and all over his smooth chest, cute face, hair and neck.  He smeared the cum all over his lips and then French kissed me, forcing me to taste my own cum.  I know how that turned him on, and realized how much I missed our amazing sex.  We may not have been suitable as boyfriends but we were always perfectly suited in bed.

Train Sex

Tonight I am sitting on a train riding through Japan, my cock is hard so I give it a tug.  There is a boy sitting across from me, looking in my eyes, with an obvious hard-on.  I am not sure what to do.  I don’t think he speaks English, and outside of ‘Kenichua’ and ‘Arrigato’ I don’t speak any Japanese.  Furthermore, we are in Japan, on a train, in public, so I am not so apt to make the first move.

The problem I am grappling with is he is so damn sexy.  He looks like he’s in his early 20’s, with warm, sensuous eyes, straight black hair and full, luscious lips.  His body is defined and his muscles are not too big but toned just enough.  I want to lick his body, run my hands through his hair and kiss his luscious lips wildly.  I am acting too shy though.  I just kind of look away, try not to notice, but I can feel the energy of both our cocks throbbing as we take quick glances at one another.

I look at his crotch and can’t believe how much his boner is making his pants stick up.  He grabs his cock, as it strains to get out of his tight jeans.  I can’t help but get caught staring, and he smiles as I look in awe and amazement.  Finally he gets up, brushes his hand across my shoulder, and walks towards the back of the train.  I wonder if this means I should follow him.

‘Of course it does, you jackass,’ I say to myself and then abruptly follow him.  He waits for me and swiftly grabs my hand, makes a gesture like he is going to whisper something in my ear, but instead licks it with his wet tongue.  My cock is now so hard I can barely control myself.  He runs his hand across my strong chest.  We look in each others eyes.  I put my hand on his ass and then finger his asshole through his pants.

‘Can I fuck you?’ I say, and he just stares at me and then says something back I do not understand.  He grabs my hand and rubs it against his crotch.  He is fully erect as well.  The trains stops at Ginza and I ask him if we can get off.  He does not understand.  Two people in the seat by the door exit the train.  He pulls me down into their seat.  An old Japanese couple gets on the train and sits across from us.  The cute Japanese boy is now massaging his cock and looking at me.  I grab his face and start kissing it.  I hear the Japanese couple gasp, and walk to a different train.  We are now riding on the train alone.

As I kiss him, I put my hand down his pants and reach for his cock.  He is already massaging mine.  His cock feels wet, already filled with pre-cum.  This boy is so horny, and my cock is hard as he grabs it through my pants.  I bite his neck, and then he pulls out his big uncut cock.  He strokes it fast.  The operator announces we will be stopping at the next Train station.  He squirts his cum all over my face, shirt and jeans before we get there.  I have never seen someone cum so much.  It just shoots everywhere, on the train seat, on my legs, on my face…wherever he points his cock wild shots of cum come spurting out.  He strokes my cock through my pants and I cum in my underwear.  We are stuck on the train for one more stop, covered in cum, as I take my shirt off and wipe myself off.  An old woman walks on the train and looks in horror at me as I wipe the cum off the seat, the boy and myself (my underwear is still filled with my own cum, but I deal with the discomfort as best I can).        

We run off the train as fast as we can. He  finds a little gift shop in the subway station to buy a new T-shirt for me.  I smell my old T-shirt one more time, the sweet smell of the boy’s cum, and then deposit it into the garbage receptacle.  He comes back with a new shirt for me, and then takes me to the toilet.  He takes me into the bathroom stall, takes off my pants and cumsoaked underwear.  He smells my underwear, and then throws it in the garbage.  Then he starts sucking my cock.  I try to stop him thinking I’m too tired to have sex again, but his tongue massages my cock so nicely I start getting stiff again.  He keeps sucking and I’m hard once again.  He then turns around, sticks his ass in the air and grabs my cock trying to get me to fuck him.  Normally I never fuck without a condom but his ass is so good I can’t help myself.  His smooth asshole swallows my cock as I slowly slide in, my cock throbbing with excitement.  He is holding the toilet for support as I start ramming his ass.

I fuck him good, but I fuck him gently so as not to be too loud. He makes the hottest moaning sounds I’ve ever heard.  These sounds just make me hornier as I want to cum inside him, but I pull out just in time to spray another load of cum, this time all over his back.  He kisses me, cleans his back with toilet water, and then sticks his large boner in my mouth and starts fucking it.  He fucks my mouth so hard I can barely stand it and gag, but that does not stop him.  He starts to moan loudly as he squirts his warm load down my throat.  His cum feels thick going down, but has a savory yet sweet taste that is quite delicious.  We clean each other up, and then he gives me a final kiss goodbye.  Our fleeting sexual encounter is one I will never forget.


Me and Takeshi ran along the dirt track through the forest at a steadypace.  It was a hot day and although we ran under the shade of tree's we did still get hot and need to stop for a a rest now and again, afterall,you spend ten years sitting on your arse in an office and you're not in the best of condition.  Both of us were in what you'd call 'average' condition,not fat but not toned, the kind of physiques that had seen better days but still retained underlying muscle. 

He and I had become good friends since his six month placement from the Osaka head office, he knew a few people in the city but most of them were business colleagues or friends of his wife´s family so when I'd suggested a weekend in the country to celebrate his 34th birthday he was keen to go.  On the 32nd floor was a shared conference room and cafeteria and it was here that Takeshi and I met Li and Tran from a Chinese software company down on 22, they also were new to the country and both were eager to see the forests and rivers of the country so on a hotsummer day we hit the road.

Li was around our age but in good shape, hard body and hard face, running through the forest he had no trouble staying in front, Tran was kept slim but stress and fat by his wife´s cooking (we told him that on this weekend his diet consisted of beer so it'd be good for his health). After running for thirty minutes we got back to our base at the riverbank,the sun was stronger than the shade and after three beers each it was obvious we weren't going to cool down so yelling out to check we were alone we thought it'd be a good time for a swim.  Nodoby had thought of bringing trunks so swimming naked was the only option.  Without shyness we took off our clothes, opened another beer and headed for the water. Naked the four of us swam in the river, we laughed at each others attempts to keep river water from getting into our cans of beer, holding our thumbs over the tin openings we'd dive under the water then burst through the surface and take another gulp of beer.  I noticed that Tran was getting drunk as he swayed in the water, I also felt light headed as I dived under the water again and again, maybe it was the alcohol that caused us to have trouble holding our thumbs in place but every gulp we took seemed to be of half beer and half river water. 

Tran and I stood waist deep in the water and watched Li dive under the water, as he dived he spread his legs wideapart and both Tran and I saw a quick glimpse of his dark, almost hairless arsehole.  None of us had ever said we were gay, in fact we just assumed we were all straight, but just looking at the freedom of Li's dive and the way water splashed in between his legs as he dove under got my cock stirring into an erection.  I thought it best to also dive under the water to cover it up and so not wanting to get more water in my can I did a breastsroke over to Tran to ask him to hold it while I went under, it was then I noticed the tip of Tran's cock sticking out of the water, straight away I knew that the site of Li's arse had caused his hard on to.  Seeing this guys hard cockmade me decide to just go with what I was also feeling so I stood up to reveal that my cock was also sticking out of the water, we both reached under the water and fondled each other's balls and gently felt each other's cock-shaft.  This went on for a couple of minutes until both of us were sighing deeply and desperate to take it further.

Just then Takeshi and Li yelled to us telling us to come back to shore,they both stood on the muddy, grassy river bank, still naked and each holding a can of beer, Tran and I slowly waded back to shore hoping our erections would subside by the time we left the water.  As we left the water our cocks had gone down but they were still semi-hard, Takeshi and Li both looked down at our cocks, I thought they'd laugh or get angry but instead they silently stared at our cocks.  Within seconds I noticed that the head of Li's cock was rising up past his foreskin, this got my cock stirring again, which in turn gave Takeshi and Tran hard ons - the mixture of beer and cock way out in the middle of the forest had unleashed deep desires.  We stood closer together and started to masturbate each other, I saw a glint of pre-cum on Tran's cock and I had to taste it.  I dropped to my knees and gently licked it off, the salty, clamminess of it made me even hotter so I dove down onto the shaft. 

Tran's cock slid into my mouth and touched the back of my throat, as it did my nose sank into his pubic hair and inhaled the sweat of his crotch, I could really taste the pre-cum filling my mouth and I noticed his cock glistened with saliva as I pulled back to reveal his rock hard shaft.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see Takeshi on his knee's holding Li's hard cock and squeezing the pre-cum out of the piss-slit and wiping it on his lips until they started to glisten, like I was with Tran, Takeshi was also being driven mad by the clammy taste, he had a real passion for what came out of Li's piss-slit, to satisfy this hunger he pursed his lips and planted them onto the slit and by the look of of his cheeks I could tell he was sucking out as much clear cock juice as he could get!

Me and Takeshi wanted to know what it felt like to get our cocks sucked so at the same time we pulled our mouths away from the cocks, lay on our backs and held our hard cocks into the air - Tran fell to his knee's between mylegs, lent forward and opening his mouth sunk onto my cock, Li did the same to Takeshi.  We watched the two heads bobbing up and down furiously and soon the only sound in the forest seemed to be the sound of slurping mouths on cocks.  The site of my naked body and three other naked men lying and kneeling in the dirt and grass of the riverbank was driving me to unheardof levels of lust.

Both Li and Tran pumped their own cocks with their fists as they sucked cock, then suddenly Li swung around and straddled Takeshi's head and guidedhis cock into the open, eager mouth - not wasting a second Tran also got in the 69 position over my face and now four mouths swallowing and slobbering over four cocks was all any of us could hear.  This animal like passion continued for a few minutes until I decided I wanted a mix of cock juice in my mouth so I lent across and motioned for Takeshi to spit out Li's cock soI could taste what he had, sliding in the dirt and grass we formed a circle- I sucked Li, Li sucked Tran, Tran sucked Takeshi and Takeshi sucked me.For a few moments we all slowed the pace down and slowly sucked each other and took time to savour the tastes and feel of a man' cock, all of us had rock hard boners but all of us liked to know that we were satisfying eachother and happily willing to gulp down and fluid from each others pissslits.

Being new to this sex we each tended to copy what the other did, so when I pulled my mouth off Li's cock and began to lick his balls everyone else did the same, I loved the raspy sound and feel of his course pubic air and I loved the feeling of wiping my tongue and mouth in such a private part ofanother man's body.  The musky smell of Li's crotch caused me to speed up the pace of my lips and tongue...I wanted to have all the sweat and taste of this man running down my throat...I wanted stray strands of his pubic hair to stick to my cheeks...I moved my mouth onto the area between his balls and arse crack and took wide, greedy licks of this newly discovered flesh. 

Takeshi was doing the same to me and my hips were grinding in the dirt with pleasure, I could feel his tongue going from flat to a point as it savoured every little taste and every texture of my crotch.  Li was pushing himself against my face and I was forcing my mouth into his beautiful underside, slowly my tongue slobbered up to the base of his arsecrack, I got a taste of a clean but somehow more pungent sweat,instinctivly he raised by his leg revealing a hole new private area. 

To suddenly be looking at the crevice and puckered hole that awakened thislust in me was enough to get my cock harder than ever, writhing on the ground I felt it's head digging into the mud of the riverbank and the thought of that dirt on my pink flesh was all I needed to get my nose,mouth and tongue into that almost hairless crack between Li's cheeks.Taking wide licks with my tongue I wiped each side of his crack, the arsehair and sweat made my tongue tingle and the clean, pungent smell got me lightheaded and without limit, making my tongue into a stiff point I ran itup the centre of his arse crack, saliva and arse sweat collected on the tip of my tongue, when one sweep was finished I'd swallow what I'd wiped off and start again with another swish of my tongue.  Each time my tongue went across Li's puckered hole I'd get more turned on by the dirty lust that had enveloped all of us in this deserted forest, Li would shudder under the feel of having a tongue exploring his crack. 

I moved my head back, put a hand on each of Li's arse cheeks and pulled them apart so as to be able to see clearly the hole of another man, as the pale sun shone onto his crack I could see the glistening sweat and spit and transfixed I stared as his puckered hole as it seemed to twitch and wrinkle, puckering like a pair of private, secret lips it seemed only natural to want to plant a kiss squarely upon them.  So I did.  Right on top of his arse hole I pursed my lips and kissed, Takeshi did the same to me and my hips bucked foward in pleasure, our entire circle shuddered at the same time - it was obvious that all four holes were being licked and kissed at once.  With my lips over his hole I began to tentatively suck Li's opening, I could feel arsejuice slowly enter my mouth and tasting it with my mouth I was surprised at how clean and sweet it tasted, all I'd sucked out was enough to coat my tongue - I wanted enough to swallow.I wanted to feel it run down my throat.  So with pointed tongue I began to try and enter his hole, I could feel the arse hole pucker closing over the tip of my tongue and I scooped out what juice I could find but Li's hole was tight, it'd never been tongued before so although eager it would'ntrelax.  Takeshi was having the same trouble entering me with his tongue, I could feel the pressure of his tongue forcing againest my pucker, desperateto get inside, in his lust and desperation Takeshi started to to push his spit onto my hole to try and lubricate it, my hole started to feel moist and slippery until slowly my pucker opened to Takeshi's tongue kiss.

Straight away I did the same to Li, producing and pushing spit onto his hole until eventually it loosened up and slowly took more and more of mytongue, I fucked his arse hole with my tongue, like a fuckin' piston I got it right in there deeper and deeper, my tongue swam around in his bowels,wiping the arse muscles of all the juice it could find, he puckered hole twitched and enveloped the middle of my seemed to be trying to draw it deeper into this hole.  For almost ten minutes all four of us drank arse juice and wiped the insides of each other holes, none of us was sickened by what we were doing, in fact the rawness and the animal lust of it semed to fuel our desire and the juice and sweat that our throats greedily gulped got us so hot that I started to feel myself getting close to blowing a load. I knew that if I was close then the other three would probably me the same and I knew that if Li was about to shoot cum I didn't want it to soak into the mud, I wanted to coat my guts with it!  So after one more scoop inside his bowels I got my clammy, juicy, sweat and spit filled mouth over Li's cock. 

Sure enough the pre-cum was oosing out of his slit in a neverending flow, the sticky mixture of fluid in my mouth must of been like a cunt to Li's cock...he fucked my mouth like with a toughness I'd never seen before...he pounded it into my throat...I pounded by rock hard cock intoTakeshi's mouth....Takeshi pounded Tran's hole of a mouth....Tran fucked Li's mouth so hard that spit and pre-cum dribbled down Li's chin...I could feel my balls tighten....the first shock of approaching orgasm sent my cockramming into Takeshi's mouth...I reached up to see if Li's balls were tight but before my hand got there I feel a shot of his cream splash onto the roof of my mouth...I shot into into Takeshi coating his tongue...he gulped the cream and held my cock with his lips not wanting to miss a drop...he'd reached down and was trying to hold Tran's head in place as his cum coated Tran's hole and throat...and with every convulsive shot of cum Tran's cock went deeper down Li's throat...Li's cum came in such quantity that although I tried it started to spill out over my lips but the quantity of cream in my mouth had me gulping and swallowing....We lay our heads on each others inner-thighs and stroked each other...silently grateful for this secluded forest, the muddy grass we lay upon, the beer that had relaxed us enough to want to try anything and the juice and the cum that we had shared. 

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